Countless Whistleblower Cases in Jeopardy

his term the United States Supreme Court will choose Digital Realty Trust v. Somers (Digital), among the most crucial whistleblower lawyers cases to come before the Court in 20-years. The Chamber of Commerce and its Wall Street allies want to remove all workers who report securities scams internally to their compliance departments or supervisors from security under the Dodd-Frank Act’s (DFA) whistleblower law.

If the Court guidelines for Digital, 10s of countless staff members who internally report scams will lose security under the DFA. Countless whistleblowers will instantly lose their cases and business compliance programs will be maimed.

As completely described in a September 21st Law360 short article composed by NWC Executive Director Stephen M. Kohn, “the outcomes” of a Digital triumph “will be devastating, not just for the workers who lose their tasks for attempting to do the best thing, but also for financiers” who will be the supreme victims of the scams.

Most whistleblowers report concerns internally before raising concerns with regulators. These sincere workers will lose security under the DFA. The implications are sweeping. Many whistleblower laws specify safeguarded activity likewise to the DFA. The precedent embedded in Digital Realty Trust v. Somers will weaken the defenses managed whistleblowers in laws such as the Clean Air Act, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Surface Mining Act, and the banking whistleblower laws.

Provided the value of this case, the NWC will submit an official amicus or “good friend of the court,” quick straight to the United States Supreme Court prompting the Court to decline the Chamber of Commerce’s harmful arguments. “If the whistleblower in this case loses, financiers and taxpayers will also lose. It will be the most significant setback to whistleblower rights that we’ve seen in this generation,” Kohn stated.

Please support the NWC’s efforts to persuade the Supreme Court to turn down Wall Street’s effort to ruin whistleblower securities! Please contribute to the NWC’s “Friend of the Court” fund, to balance out the expenses we sustain in filing amicus briefs.

Make sure that the Supreme Court gets this! The NWC’s legal specialists should have the ability to weigh-in to this case, and describe the terrible effect on oversight and responsibility that would be activated if the Court guidelines for Digital.